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NewPinnacleAward3D2The Treasure Within: 
An Archetypal Unfolding To Your Infinite Potential
by Shannon Pernetti and Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, PC

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The Treasure 3D "For all those clinicians and interested lay persons seeking to understand the relevance and workings of archetypes in clinical practice and personal life, this book is an important contribution to your library, as it provides a readable and understandable approach to archetypal dynamics.  So too, this work helps us to better understand the intricacies of Erich Neuman's and C.G. Jung's work on archetypal dynamics and in finding ways to bring the richness of the life of spirit and soul into your life.  For all those reasons, this is an important work."

Michael Conforti, PhD, Jungian Analyst : Founder and Director of the Assisi Institute of The International Study of Archetypal Patterns


Through exploring the underlying forces of archetypal fields
and how they structure  reality, Archetypal Pattern Analysis immediately
involves you in looking at the mystery of your own unconscious behavior and
suggests new ways to have the life you want.

Archetypal Pattern Analysis sees your patterns as a perfect expression of
what the psyche is attempting to reveal as a voice of your wholeness,
instead of as a disorder or malady

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